MISR RCCM Products

Radiometric Camera-by-camera Cloud Mask (RCCM)

ESDT Product File Name Prefix Current Quality Designations
  • Stage 3 Validated: Radiometric Camera-by-camera Cloud Mask (RCCM)

Note: The RCCM was a part of the Level 1 software until file version F03_0023 and therefore shared the same version numbers as the GRP_ELLIPSOID and GRP_TERRAIN data products. Only those Level 1 deliveries that include RCCM updates are listed below.

Ver. # Production
Start Date
Product Updates Quality Transition

Data Product Specification Rev P (PDF).

  1. This versions marks the beginning of FIRSTLOOK vs. FINAL processing.
  2. Introduced new thresholds that are now derived from the RCCM runs for a particular season/year. Land thresholds are no longer static.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_RCCT_SEAS_CAM_TXXX_F02_0004.hdf
  • Stage 3 Validated:RCCM
F04_0024 05/13/2005

Data Product Specification Rev M (PDF).

  1. Added new inland water class for RCCM calculation and changed threshold and surface classification datasets accordingly. Modified land second observable so it's the same as for the water classes. Using new seasonal-baseline thresholds generated by "superhistogram" project.
  2. Calibration was updated for the entire mission.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_F01_05.hdf
  • Stage 2 Validated:RCCM over ice-free ocean
  • Stage 1 Validated:RCCM over snow and ice-free land
F03_0023 11/28/2004

Data Product Specification Rev L (PDF).

Removed RCCM algorithm to its own PGE. Rebuilt software on Irix 6.5.2 OS.

New ancillary files (Improved Radiometric Calibration):

F03_0022 02/04/2004

Data Product Specification Rev K (PDF).

A new suite of ARP_INFLTCAL files containing a change to the MISR band-to-band calibration is in use.

F03_0021 12/08/2003 Version F03_0021 was removed from the archive because it contained radiometric errors.
Do not use!
F02_0019 08/13/2003

Data Product Specification Rev J (PDF).

Added ProductVersion Attribute to metadata of all products.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_RCCM_CONFIG_XCAM_F02_02.ascii
F02_0017 12/27/2002

Data Product Specification Rev G (PDF).

Transparent robustness upgrade, and a small change to RCCM logic.

New ancillary files:

  • GRP_CONFIG_F06_03
F01_0013 05/21/2002

Data Product Specification Rev E (PDF).

Uses updated version of ocean thresholds to generate RCCM products of "Provisional" quality over ocean only.

New ancillary files:

  • Provisional:RCCM-ocean
F01_0011 02/05/2002

Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

More transparent fixes to cloud mask algorithm relating to overflow/underflow during Hits statistics collection. Lower-bounds and bin-widths used in the histogram generations updated. Also, increased sun glint cone angle from 30 degrees to 40 degrees which will increase area of sun glint contamination in the RCCM parameter "glitter mask."

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_RCCI_XCAM_F01_03.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_RCCM_CONFIG_XCAM_F02_01.ascii
  • Beta: RCCM
F01_0010 12/03/2001

Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

Transparent fix to cloud mask algorithm. Fixes relative azimuth angle bug in RCCH statistics collection.

F01_0009 09/27/2001

Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

Improved Spring and Water RCCM thresholds. Format changes only to the RCCI. b-param values in the CSSC (used to calculate the RCCM observable values have been fixed.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_RCCI_XCAM_F01_02.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_T001_F01_03.hdf
  • Provisional:FM_SCI
F01_0006 12/21/2000

Adds LocalGranuleIDs of all inputs to product annotation. Uses new version string scheme. Provides full local mode site name in metadata.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_ARP_INFLTCAL_T002_F02_0005.hdf

First version of RCCM. Pre-launch threshold values are used.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_ARP_INFLTCAL_T002_F01_003.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_CONFIG_F01_001.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_PRFLTCAL_F01_003.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_ARP_PRFLTCHAR_F01_001.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_AGP_Pxxx_F01_24.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_RCCT_SPR_xCAM_T001_F01_01.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_CSSC_F01_02.hdf
  • Alpha: RCCM