V2.1.4 L2AS Detailed Release Description
September 27, 2001

Algorithm Changes

  • Change method of selecting radiance pixels to use in aerosol retrieval over heterogeneous land: select pixels in most oblique cameras first, instead of largest number of pixels in common.
  • Change band smoothness masking to apply to all bands instead of individual bands.
  • Report NumAcceptSubr as number of subregions of good quality, instead of number of subregions actually used in final retrieval.
  • Report HetLandContrast all of the time.
  • Integrate algorithm to compute LAI/FPAR into software, but turn it off pending further testing.
  • Do not use aerosol het. surface retrieval algorithm over areas of 100% dark water.
  • Modify algorithm for selecting a default aerosol model to use in land retrievals when no aerosol models are successful.
  • Choose het. land aerosol algorithm rather than dark water aerosol algorithm if land is present.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix argument check for AS_SU_LP_camera_fill routine.
  • Fix incorrect computation of land surface QA stats.
  • Fix range check errors in SMART staging code.
  • Fix logic for handling case where all eigenvalues are fill.
  • Add fill values to block metadata in L2AS products.
  • Fix memory leaks.
  • Change pressure range check from fatal error to warning.

Aerosol Product Changes

  • Add ChisqHetSpectral field.
  • Add NumClearCam field.
  • Add SfcRetrOptDepth, SfcRetrModel and SfcRetrAlgTypeFlag.

Science Config File Changes

  • Add min_dw_subr_thresh parameter, and set it to 16.
  • Make chi-square uncertainty multiplier configurable, and set to 0.05
  • Change region_topo_complex_thresh from 250 m to 500 m.
  • Change min_het_subr_thresh from 64 to 16.
  • Change min_het_contrast_thresh from 5 to 2.file.
  • Change max_chisq_het_thresh from 10 to 4.