AirMISR L1B2/L2AS Coregistration Tool

The AirMISR L1B2/L2AS Coregistration Tool was written as an example of how to determine the location of the L2AS Land Surface Product footprint within the L1B2 Georectified Radiance Product data area.

The tool displays an image from the specified L1B2 and L2AS files, and the footprint of the L2AS file is outlined in red on the L1B2 image to show the overlap. Information about the two files is displayed in a text window.

The tool is written in the IDL programming language. It can be run either with a licensed version of the IDL package or by using the IDL Virtual Machine application. The IDL Virtual Machine is bundled with IDL and is available from Exelis Visual Information Solutions. The IDL VM software may be downloaded from this site or ordered from Exelis VIS on CD at no cost. The site provides installation instructions.

Additional information, including installation and program execution instructions, is available in a Readme file.

The coregistration tool software can be downloaded as a tar file containing four files, coregister_L1B2_L2AS.tar, or the four files contained in the tar file may be downloaded separately.

Files contained in coregister_L1B2_L2AS.tar for separate download: IDL source code

coregister_l1B2_L2AS.sav: IDL executable save file (use with the IDL Virtual Machine)

coregister_airmisr.bmp: Logo file used by both of the above programs

readme_L1B2_L2AS_coregistration_tool: Installation and program execution instructions