Outreach Materials

Outreach Materials

Explore outreach materials and resources created by the ASDC and the NASA organizations that utilize and showcase ASDC data. Click around to find interesting ArcGIS StoryMap, videos, and images.

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ACTIVATE Makes a Careful Return to Flight

ACTIVATE photo.jpg

ACTIVATE's 2021 Open Data Workshop


Alpha Jet eXperiment (AJAX) Flight Catalog StoryMap


Analyzing Arctic Wildfires with Atmospheric Data


ASDC Code Examples on GitHub


Early Adopters Workshop for the NASA Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols (MAIA)

MAIA PTA and STA graphic in ArcGIS.png

Exploring the Connection Between Plankton and Clouds - NAAMES StoryMap

NAAMES Mission logo

Getting to the Heart of the (Particulate) Matter

Getting to the Heart of the Particulate Matter.png

Introduction to MAIA & TEMPO StoryMap

Final MAIA and TEMPO graphic for SM.png

NASA POWER Project Releases “About POWER” StoryMap


NASA’s SAGE III Instrument Observes Aerosol Spike from Australian Fires

Australian bushfires credit NASA Earth Observatory.jpg

One Year on Earth – Seen From 1 Million Miles


Researcher Profile: Dr. Emily Fischer


Researcher Profile: Dr. Michael Behrenfeld


Credit: NASA/Dr. Michael Behrenfeld

Researcher Profile: Dr. Richard Moore

Dr. Richard Moore

Credit: NASA/Dr. Richard Moore