MISR Conversion to ASCII Routines

These MISR ASCII conversion routines read parameters from MISR Level 1B2 or AGP data files and write those parameters to a set of ASCII formatted files, with one output file for each MISR block for each parameter.

These routines are written in Exelis Visual Information Solutions IDL programming language. They can be run either with a licensed version of the IDL software package or by using the IDL Virtual Machine application. The IDL Virtual Machine is bundled with IDL and is available from Exelis Visual Information Solutions. The IDL VM software can be downloaded from this site or ordered from Exelis VIS on CD at no cost. The site provides installation instructions. The software was developed and tested with IDL and IDL VM version 6.1 and if using IDL VM, should be run with IDL VM 6.1 or higher.

See the Readme file for additional information, including installation and program execution instructions.

The ASCII conversion software can be downloaded as a tar file containing nine files, misr_ascii.tar. The files can be extracted from the tar package using the Unix tar command or a utility such as WinZip on Windows PCs.