MISR HDF-to-Binary Converter
Radiance/BRF Calculation Tools

Two tools, HDFDUMP and BRFDUMP, have been developed for use with MISR gridded data files. HDFDUMP will extract data from a MISR file in the HDF-EOS grid format (MISR Level 1B2 and Level 2 files) and writes unformatted binary files. BRFDUMP calculates radiances and bidirectional reflectance factors (BRF) from MISR Level 1B2 files and creates unformatted binary files.

These programs are written in Fortran 90 and have been tested on an SGI Origin 2000 running IRIX 6.5 with the MIPSpro 7 Fortran 90 compiler. The pre-compiled executables supplied in the package were built in -n32 -mips4 mode on an SGI, suitable for the R8000, R10000 and R12000 cpus normally found in Challenges and Origins.

In order to build these programs it is necessary to have the HDF and HDF-EOS libraries for the target computer. The HDF libraries are available from The HDF Group (THG). The HDF-EOS libraries are available from the EOS project.

Two unix script files have been included which will compile these programs, bld.hdfdump and bld.brfdump. These scripts will need to be modified to reference the installed locations of the HDF include and library files and the HDF-EOS include and library files on the target computer.

The following files are included in the distribution tar file for HDFDUMP and BRFDUMP:

  • README.txt - this file
  • bld.brfdump - unix script to compile and link the BRFDUMP program
  • bld.hdfdump - unix script to compile and link the HDFDUMP program
  • brfdump.README.pdf - detailed information about running the BRFDUMP program
  • brfdump.exe - an executable version of BRFDUMP built on an SGI in -n32 mode
  • brfdump.f - the Fortran 90 source code for the BRFDUMP program
  • hdfdump.README.pdf - detailed information about running the HDFDUMP program
  • hdfdump.exe - an executable version of HDFDUMP built on an SGI in -n32 mode
  • hdfdump.f - the Fortran 90 source code for the HDFDUMP program

hdfdump Readme (PDF).

brfdump Readme (PDF).

Download the MISR HDF-to-Binary Conversion Tool package (4.8 MB tar file).