MISR Level 3 Cloud Motion Vector Versioning

Cloud Motion Vector Product (CMV) - Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly products

ESDT Product File Name Prefix Current Quality Designations
  • Stage 1 Validated: All parameters

Note: Level 3 is a summary of Level 2. This page covers changes to the Level 3 software itself for each product version, but you should also consult the product versioning statements for the TOA/Cloud Stereo product for changes to the Level 2 data being summarized.

Ver. # Production
Start Date
Software Configuration/
Product Impact
Quality Transition
F02_0002 09/01/2012 The entire mission is being reprocessed at this level.

Data Product Specification V001 Cloud Motion Vector product (PDF).

Cloud motion vectors are now sourced from the new Level 2 Cloud product, rather than the Level 2 TOA/Cloud Stereo product. Finer resolution (17.6 km versus 70.4 km) vectors and increased coverage are the primary benefits. To accomodate greater data volumes, the file format has been changed from netCDF 3 to netCDF 4, with compression.

  • Stage 1 Validated all parameters
F01_0001 08/11/2010 The mission was processed from March 2000 to February 2012

Data Product Specification Rev S (PDF).

Initial baseline for Level 3 Cloud Motion Vector (CMV) public release.

Baseline ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_AGP_Pxxx_F01_24.hdf
  • Stage 2 Validated all parameters