MISR Geometric Product Versioning

ESDT Product File Name Prefix Current Quality Designations
  • Stage 3 Validated: Geometric Product

Ver. # Production
Start Date
Product Updates Quality Transition
11/28/2004 Data Product Specification Rev L (PDF).

Transparent software rebuild against Irix 6.5.2 OS.

New ancillary files:

  • GMP_CONFIG_F08_07
  • Stage 3 Validated: all parameters
F03_0012 8/13/2003 Data Product Specification Rev J (PDF).

Transparent software rebuild. ProductVersion PS Attribute added to metadata.

New ancillary files:

  • GMP_CONFIG_F08_06
F03_0011 12/27/2002 Data Product Specification Rev I (PDF).

The SunDistanceAu parameter was made uniform for all blocks in order to protect PGE8a from an occasional input-check failure.

New ancillary files:

  • GMP_CONFIG_F06_03
F03_0010 11/12/2002 Data Product Specification Rev G (PDF).

The SunDistanceAu parameter was added.

New ancillary files:

  • GMP_CONFIG_F05_02
F02_0009 04/15/2002 Data Product Specification Rev E (PDF).

Added parameters Scattering Angle and Glitter Angle (sun glint) to product. Widened coverage of swath to ensure that the data-side of the edge is smooth when viewed at resolutions higher than 17.6 km.

New ancillary files:

  • MISR_AM1_GRP_CONFIG_XCAM_F03_01.ascii
  • Stage 1 Validated: all parameters
F01_0008 09/27/2001 Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

Rebuilt against new Shared software. No functional changes.

  • Provisional: all parameters
F01_0007 03/30/2001 Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

Metadata/filename fixes including removal of the 'T' from PGE 7 Core Meta Date fields. HDF file access efficiency updates.

F01_06, F01_0006 12/21/2000 Data Product Specification Rev D (PDF).

Adds LocalGranuleIDs of all inputs to product annotation. Uses new version string scheme.

05 10/02/2000

Remove dependency on IMSL math libraries.

  • MISR_AM1_CGM_F01_06.ascii (Used to generte orbits after 2718)
04 10/02/2000

Same software used as product version 05.

  • MISR_AM1_CGM_F01_05.ascii (Used to generate orbits 995-2718)
03 09/01/2000 New ancillary files:
  • MISR_AM1_CGM_F01_06.ascii (Used to generate orbits after 2718)
02 08/15/2000 New ancillary files:
  • MISR_AM1_CGM_F01_05.ascii (Used to generate orbits 995-2718)
06/21/2000 Baseline ancillary files:
  • MISR_AM1_AGP_Pxxx_F01_24.hdf
  • MISR_AM1_CGM_F01_04.ascii
  • Beta: all parameters