Accessing Airborne and Field Campaign Data with the Sub-Orbital Order Tool Microarticle Release Announcement

April 2, 2021, 8 a.m.

Suborbital campaigns, which are a key component of the integrated observing system of the atmosphere, tend to have complex datasets as a result of sampling strategies that cover a wide array of variables and use many instruments on different platforms. The Sub-Orbital Order Tool (SOOT) Power User Interface (UI) has been developed to address the specific attributes of suborbital data. The SOOT Power UI is designed for experienced airborne data users and airborne science teams, and has extensive metadata representation to allow for enhanced data search capabilities.

The initial release of the SOOT Power UI includes data from multiple suborbital campaigns that focus on various study areas within atmospheric science. The new microarticle "Accessing Airborne and Field Campaign Data with the Sub-Orbital Order Tool" provides additional information about these field campaigns to users in their initial interactions with SOOT. Users can use the information in this microarticle to find the locations in SOOT where they can download the data for each of the campaigns included in the initial release.

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