ACTIVATE 2022 Data Workshop Webinar 1

June 30, 2022, 4:20 p.m.


About this event:

The Aerosol Cloud meTeorology Interactions oVer the western ATlantic Experiment (ACTIVATE) team is hosting a free open data workshop webinar series for anyone interested to learn how to access and visualize airborne data. This webinar targets beginners to field data and will provide an interactive session to use a Google Colaboratory (i.e., Google Colab) environment for data visualization and to examine atmospheric properties derived from both in situ and remote sensing products. The session will expose participants to Python code that has already been developed for your use to do the visualization activities.

Please refer to our first open data workshop summarizing the instrument datasets and the mission concept:

This webinar will be recorded and available for public access at a website to be determined which we will post directions to on our project website:

Date and Time:

July 19, 2022

1200-1400 EDT

Registration: Email Mary Kleb ( to request registration by July 12, 2022. Webex information and further instructions will be provided after then and no later than July 17, 2022.