SAGE III on ISS Version 5.21 Release

June 29, 2022, 10:01 a.m.


The SAGE III/ISS Team is proud to announce the second official release of SAGE III/ISS products which are suitable for use in both validation and research studies for some data products as described in the Data Products User’s Guide (DPUG). A minor version increment is introduced to mark a change in processing configuration which is not significant enough to merit a full reprocessing. Starting with the events on May 31, 2022, the version number reported in the data products is incremented from 5.20 to 5.21. This change reflects an upgrade of the operating system and software compilers used to generate the products. While the Level 1 and Level 2 algorithms remain the same, the underlying upgrades introduce perturbations to the processing stream which manifest as small product differences between the two versions. These differences have been determined to occur without bias or trend, and at magnitudes smaller than reported uncertainty for the vast majority of data points. Details of the version change are recorded in the Release Notes document. Products presenting a minor-incremented version number may be treated as a continuation of the previous version. Version 5.21 replaces Version 5.1 and the public are invited to continue to make comments on the new release.

Vertical profiles of ozone, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and water vapor (H2O) concentrations as well as multi-wavelength aerosol extinction coefficient are included in the solar Level 2 data product files. Three ozone profiles are available in this release of the solar products: a UVbased mesospheric product (i.e., “Ozone_Mes” in the product files) and two Chappuis-based products. One Chappius-based product uses a spectrally-focused spectral fitting retrieval (i.e., “Ozone_MLR”) while the other uses a broad-spectrum retrieval scheme that is similar to that of SAGE II (i.e., “Ozone_AO3”). Composite ozone and retrieved temperature/pressure products are not included in the V5.21 data set. Vertical profiles of ozone, nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and nitrogen trioxide (NO3) concentrations are included in the lunar Level 2 product files. Chlorine Dioxide (OClO) from lunar occultation are not included in this release. The channel wavelengths used in solar and lunar retrievals are available in the Data Product User’s Guide (DPUG).

Reader Software:

Both IDL and Python reader software are available to access the products in the native format. New readers are required for this release. The product formats have changed slightly, so new readers are being provided. Readers for previous versions of SAGE III data are not compatible with this version. However, the new version of the IDL and Python data readers are backwards compatible with the previous version of the data product. Note that Version 5.21 product files in HDF format are not supported by the readers, though v5.1 HDF files are still supported.

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