Sample of Preliminary, Unvalidated TEMPO Data Products Now Available on Earthdata Search

Feb. 5, 2024, 8:35 a.m.

Project: TEMPO

To help users become familiar with Tropospheric Emissions: Monitoring of Pollution (TEMPO) data products, the Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) is releasing two weeks of preliminary, unvalidated TEMPO observations obtained during nominal operations from December 17-30, 2023, and eight days of commissioning observations, including first light, obtained during August 2023.

Data products from this release are processed using the TEMPO Science Data Processing Center (SDPC) software that is operational as of January 2024. The release includes all baseline products except for the ozone profile product, which has not yet been placed into production.

These products are unvalidated and have not yet reached the Beta Product Maturity level defined in the TEMPO validation plan.

The products are not optimized for operational use, and anomalies may exist.

This release is intended only for users to gain familiarity with file format and content.

These unvalidated TEMPO products should not be used in publications or presentations, and users should refrain from making conclusive public statements regarding the science and applications of the TEMPO data products until the products are designated to be at the provisional validation status according to the validation plan.

A readme file describing the data products in this preliminary release and associated known issues can be found here.

For inquiries about this preliminary TEMPO data release, please contact or post/view questions on the Earthdata Forum.

The TEMPO data may be accessed through Earthdata Search.

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