TEMPO Beta Level 1 Product Release

Feb. 27, 2024, 12:11 p.m.

Project: TEMPO

TEMPO Beta Level 1 (L1) data are available from the ASDC via NASA Earthdata Search as of February 26, 2024 (learn more).

These datasets are at beta maturity, which means that the product is minimally validated but may still contain significant errors; it is based on product quick looks using the initial calibration parameters. Because the products at this stage have minimal validation, users should refrain from making conclusive public statements regarding the science and applications of the data products until a product is designated at the provisional validation status.

A User Guide describing the data products in the beta L1 release and associated known issues can be found here. The TEMPO Level 1 Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document (ATBD) is still being finalized. To access Version 1.0 ATBD, please get in touch with the ASDC at larc-dl-asdc-tempo@mail.nasa.gov.

The data products are provided in netCDF4 format and are designated at a “beta” maturity level (see end of article). The Level 1 Geolocated Earth Radiance/Solar Irradiance products contain information on radiometrically and wavelength-calibrated Earth radiance/solar irradiance for the UV and visible bands, corresponding noise, parameterized wavelength grid, viewing geometry, quality flags, and other ancillary information. The Level 1A Dark Exposure product contains information on dark current rates of all frames and their average for the UV and visible bands, pixel quality flags, and other ancillary information.

L2 and L3 data are expected to be released publicly in April 2024.

For inquiries about this or other TEMPO data releases, please get in touch with larc-dl-asdc-tempo@mail.nasa.gov or post/view questions on the  Earthdata Forum.

More information about TEMPO and the services the ASDC provides may be found in the TEMPO storymap.

Related URLS: https://asdc.larc.nasa.gov/project/TEMPO