AirMSPI_FIREX-AQ_Terrain-projected_Georegistered_Radiance_Data_6 Imagery

Indirect processing uses an estimate of static pointing errors (i.e. geometric calibration).

Direct processing uses ground control points within the flight line of interest.

AZ-MohaveCounty Indirect

20190816 - 204759Z

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AZ-MohaveCounty Indirect

20190816 - 204848Z

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The file name structure is as follows:




yyyymmdd: Year-month-day

hhmmss: Hour-minute-second in UTC of the central observation

tttt: Target name

aaa: Mean viewing angle (reported to the nearest tenth of a degree x 10)

Fff: File format version

Vvvv: Version number

For more information, see the Data Product Specifications (DPS)