Aerosol Research Branch Light Detection and Ranging Project

A ground-based 48-inch LIDAR system has been obtaining semi-regular measurements since May 1974. These high resolution vertical measurements have resulted in a valuable long-term record of the mid-latitude upper tropospheric and stratospheric aerosol. These data have been used in scientific studies such as in studies of volcanic eruptions and in comparisons with satellite data.

Disciplines:   Aerosols Tropospheric Composition
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
Aerosol Research Branch (ARB) 48 inch Lidar Data
Field Campaigns Spatial Coverage:
(37.1, 37.106), (-76.378, -76.3)
Vertical Resolution:
0.15  km altitude
Temporal Coverage:
1982-06-14 - 2001-12-04
Temporal Resolution:
1 minute