Biomass Burning Project

This data set represents the geographical and temporal distribution of total amount of biomass burned. These data may be used in general circulation models (GCMs) and in photochemical models of the atmosphere.

Disciplines:   Aerosols Tropospheric Composition Field Campaigns
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
Biomass Burning 5x5 degree data in Native Format
Field Campaigns Spatial Coverage:
(-30, 35), (-110, 155)
Longitude Resolution:
5 degree
Latitude Resolution:
5 degree
Horizontal Resolution Range:
500 km - < 1000 km or approximately 5 degrees - < 10 degrees
Temporal Coverage:
1980-01-01 - 1980-12-31
Temporal Resolution Range:
Monthly - < Annual
Temporal Resolution:
Monthly/Yearly Avg