Convective Processes Experiment - Aerosols & Winds

The Convective Processes Experiment – Aerosols & Winds (CPEX-AW) campaign was a joint effort between the US National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and the European Space Agency (ESA) with the primary goal of conducting a post-launch calibration and validation activities of the Atmospheric Dynamics Mission-Aeolus (ADM-AEOLUS) Earth observation wind Lidar satellite in St. Croix. CPEX-AW is a follow-on to the Convective Processes Experiment (CPEX) field campaign which took place in the summer of 2017 ( In addition to joint calibration/validation of ADM-AEOLUS, CPEX-AW studied the dynamics related to the Saharan Air Layer, African Easterly Waves and Jets, Tropical Easterly Jet, and deep convection in the InterTropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ). CPEX-AW science goals include:

• Better understanding interactions of convective cloud systems and tropospheric winds as part of the joint NASA-ESA Aeolus Cal/Val effort over the tropical Atlantic;

• Observing the vertical structure and variability of the marine boundary layer in relation to initiation and lifecycle of the convective cloud systems, convective processes (e.g., cold pools), and environmental conditions within and across the ITCZ;

• Investigating how the African easterly waves and dry air and dust associated with Sahara Air Layer control the convectively suppressed and active periods of the ITCZ;

• Investigating interactions of wind, aerosol, clouds, and precipitation and effects on long range dust transport and air quality over the western Atlantic.

In order to successfully achieve the objectives of the campaign, NASA deployed its DC-8 aircraft equipped with an Airborne Third Generation Precipitation Radar (APR-3), Doppler Aerosol WiNd Lidar (DAWN), High Altitude Lidar Observatory (HALO), High Altitude Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit (MMIC) Sounding Radiometer (HAMSR), and dropsondes. This campaign aims to provide useful material to atmospheric scientists, meteorologists, lidar experts, air quality experts, professors, and students. The Atmospheric Science Data Center (ASDC) archives the dropsonde, HALO, and DAWN data products for CPEX-AW. For additional datasets, please visit the Global Hydrometeorology Resource Center (GHRC).

CPEX-AW Project Page

Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
CPEX-AW ADM-Aeolus Datasets
Radiation Budget Spatial Coverage:
(S: 11, N: 35), (W: -125, E: -45)
Temporal Coverage:
2021-08-06 - 2021-09-17
CPEX-AW DAWN Doppler Aerosol WiNd Lidar
Field Campaigns Spatial Coverage:
(S: 11, N: 35), (W: -81, E: -45)
Temporal Coverage:
2020-08-20 - 2021-09-04
CPEX-AW Dropsonde Data
Field Campaigns Spatial Coverage:
(S: 9, N: 37), (W: -127, E: -35)
Temporal Coverage:
2021-08-05 - 2021-09-17
CPEX-AW HALO Aerosol and Water Vapor Profiles and Images
Aerosols Spatial Coverage:
(S: 11, N: 35), (W: -81, E: -45)
Temporal Coverage:
2021-08-20 - 2021-09-06