Lidar In-Space Technology Experiment

Lidar In-space Technology Experiment (LITE) used a laser, a telescope approximately 1 meter in diameter and a modular design. The system was used to study clouds, tropospheric and stratospheric aerosols, characteristics of the planetary boundary layer, stratospheric density and temperature perturbations, and to some degree, surface topography.

LITE Project Page

Disciplines:   Aerosols Clouds Field Campaigns
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
Lidar In-Space Technology Experiment (LITE) L1
Aerosols Spatial Coverage:
(S: -60, N: 60), (W: -180, E: 180)
Vertical Resolution Range:
10 meters - < 30 meters
Vertical Resolution:
15  m (approximate)
Temporal Coverage:
1994-09-10 - 1994-09-19
Temporal Resolution Range:
< 1 second
Temporal Resolution:
0.1 second

LITE Mission Publications

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