Multi-Angle Imager for Aerosols

MAIA is an instrument designed to view Earth with a spectropolarimetric camera mounted on a two-axis gimbal. As the instrument flies overhead on the Orbital Test Bed 2 (OTB-2) spacecraft, each of MAIA’s target areas is imaged multiple times at different viewing angles by successive repointing of the camera by the gimbal (a mode referred to as step-and-stare), or is imaged by slewing the gimbal slowly as the spacecraft overpasses the target (a mode referred to as sweep). Observations are captured in 14 wavelengths ranging from the ultraviolet to the shortwave-infrared, and polarimetric information is also captured in three of these wavelengths. The goal of MAIA is to improve our understanding of the health effects of different mixtures of particulate air pollution.

Data will be coming soon to the ASDC.

See: MAIA home page for details on MAIA

Disciplines:   Aerosols