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Entry Title: NARSTO EPA_SS_LOS_ANGELES PM2.5 Particulate Nitrate

Aerosols Field Campaigns

The NARSTO_EPA_SS_LOS_ANGELES_PM25_NITRATE data were collected between July 2001 and January 2002. At Claremont and Rubidoux (Los Angeles County, California), Cascaded Integrated Collection and Vaporization System for Particulate Nitrate (ICVS for Nitrate) was used in a mobile trailer to collect PM2.5 particulate nitrate data during July 11, 2001 to January 11, 2002. The ICVS for Nitrate measured PM2.5 particulate nitrate data that cover sizes from 0.1-2.5um in every 10 minutes.The overall objective of the Los Angeles Supersite in Southern California Particle Center and Supersite (SCPCS) is to conduct monitoring and research that contributes to a better understanding of the measurement, sources, size distribution, chemical composition and physical state, spatial and temporal variability, and linkages to health effects of airborne particulate matter in the Los Angeles Basin.The U.S. EPA Particulate Matter (PM) Supersites Program was an ambient air monitoring research program designed to provide information of value to the atmospheric sciences, and human health and exposure research communities. Eight geographically diverse projects were chosen to specifically address these EPA research priorities: (1) to characterize PM, its constituents, precursors, co-pollutants, atmospheric transport, and its source categories that affect the PM in any region; (2) to address the research questions and scientific uncertainties about PM source-receptor and exposure-health effects relationships; and (3) to compare and evaluate different methods of characterizing PM including testing new and emerging measurement methods.NARSTO (formerly North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone) is a public/private partnership, whose membership spans government, the utilities, industry, and academe throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The primary mission is to coordinate and enhance policy-relevant scientific research and assessment of tropospheric pollution behavior; activities provide input for science-based decision-making and determination of workable, efficient, and effective strategies for local and regional air-pollution management. Data products from local, regional, and international monitoring and research programs are available.



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  • Claremont
  • Rubidoux
  • Southern California Particle Center and Supersite
  • Nitrate NO3(-) Particles
  • Pm2.5 Particulate
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Spatial Information

Spatial Coverage: (S: 33.99, N: 34.13), (W: -117.7, E: -117.41)
Spatial Coverage Type: Horizontal
Coordinate System: Cartesian
Granule Spatial Representation: Geodetic

Temporal Information

Temporal Coverage: 2001-07-11 - 2002-01-11

In Situ Land-based Platforms
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Created on 2003-10-16
Last updated on 2018-04-18