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Entry Title: NARSTO_STIFS_CANADA PM Inorganic Volatile Organic Compounds Data

Aerosols Tropospheric Composition Field Campaigns

The NARSTO_STIFS_CANADA_PM_INORG_VOC_DATA were collected in the Summer-Winter-Summer of 2001-2002 during the Supersite Transboundary Intensive Field Study (STIFS). The goal of STIFS was the measurement of PM2.5 composition and related pollutants to improve estimates of the local vs long-range transport contribution to particles. The regions of interest were from SW Ontario to SW Quebec, and the Saturna/Vancouver area. In addition to the long-range transport emphasis, the improved time resolution in the data sets provide more detail for a variety of purposes, especially process studies and model development. STIFS particle-related measurements included: daily ambient meteorological measurements; real-time single particle size and chemistry; high time resolution OC, BC and particle nitrate; high time resolution particle sulfate; size-distribution of organic and element carbon; organic speciation; mass and water soluble organics and inorganics; particle mass and trace metals; and particle mass and inorganic ions. A companion document describing the project in greater detail and showing monitoring locations is available. Data archived at this time are the mass and water soluble organics and inorganics, speciated volatile organic carbon gas phase measurements, PM2.5 and PM2.5-10 mass concentration, and elemental and organic carbon mass concentrations. It is known that U.S. sources contribute significantly to the regional particle levels during certain time periods and likely have a significant impact on the annual average. However, sources within Ontario, Quebec and B.C. also play a role and better information on the relative importance of these sources vs U.S. sources is critical to policy development. Improved information on this issue can be obtained through more detailed ambient measurements in urban and rural areas and through the use of models. The study provided the measurements needed to infer more about the sources of particles in areas impacted by regional transport and to improve regional models (e.g., AURAMS and Models-3/CMAQ) for future application. NARSTO (formerly North American Research Strategy for Tropospheric Ozone) is a public/private partnership, whose membership spans government, the utilities, industry, and academe throughout Mexico, the United States, and Canada. The primary mission is to coordinate and enhance policy-relevant scientific research and assessment of tropospheric pollution behavior; activities provide input for science-based decision-making and determination of workable, efficient, and effective strategies for local and regional air-pollution management. Data products from local, regional, and international monitoring and research programs are available.



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From GCMD Science Keywords:
  • Carbonaceous Aerosols
  • Organic Carbon and Elemental Carbon (OC/EC)
  • High Time Resolution OC
  • High Time Resolution Particle Sulfate
  • Meterorological Measurements
  • Organic Particles
  • Particle Mass
  • Particle Nitrate NO3(-)
  • Particulate Matter
  • Particulates
  • Single Particle Size and Chemistry
  • Size Distribution
  • Thermooptical Transmission
  • Trace Metals
  • VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds)
  • Water Soluble Organics
  • High Time Resolution Organic Carbon/Black Carbon (OC/BC)
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Spatial Information

Spatial Coverage: (42.29, 46.31), (-83.07, -72.04)
Spatial Coverage Type: Horizontal
Coordinate System: Cartesian
Granule Spatial Representation: Geodetic

Temporal Information

Temporal Coverage: 2001-06-25 - 2002-01-22
Temporal Resolution: Variable

In Situ Land-based Platforms
Gas Chromatograph/Mass Spectrometry
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Created on 2004-11-18
Last updated on 2018-04-18