THe Observing-system Research and Prediction EXperiment

THe Observing-system Research and predictability experiment (THORpex) is a ten-year international research program where the primary objective is to accelerate improvements in short range weather predictions and warnings over the Northern Hemisphere. The fifth in an ongoing series of ER-2 field experiments, THORpex is the primary over-water validation experiment for the Geosynchronous Imaging Fourier Transform Spectrometer (GIFTS) satellite.

Disciplines:   Radiation Budget Field Campaigns
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
The Observing-system Research and predictability experiment ER2 MODIS Airborne Simulator
Field Campaigns Spatial Coverage:
(S: 15.85, N: 42), (W: -167.45, E: -117.78)
Temporal Coverage:
2003-01-31 - 2003-04-10
Temporal Resolution:
1 minute