Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer

The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) was successfully launched into sun-synchronous polar orbit aboard Terra, NASA's first Earth Observing System (EOS) spacecraft, on December 18, 1999. MISR measurements are designed to improve our understanding of the Earth's environment and climate. Viewing the sunlit Earth simultaneously at nine widely-spaced angles, MISR provides radiometrically and geometrically calibrated images in four spectral bands at each of the angles. Spatial sampling of 275 and 1100 meters is provided on a global basis. The MISR FAQ and Observation Concept have more details about the MISR instrument. All MISR data products are available in HDF-EOS format, and select products are available in netCDF format.

Information for MISR-Versioning-V23

MISR L2 Browse Tool
Interactive interface for easy access to images from the MISR instrument.

MISR L3 Web Data Browser
Visualization of select parameters available in the MISR Level 3 global data products are provided.

MISR Orbit Tool
Interactive interface for converting dates to MISR Orbit number and Orbit numbers to dates.

MISR Path/Blocks Intersecting a Lat/Lon Box
Interactive interface for obtaining MISR paths based on latitude and longitude.

MERLIN Tool MISR Enhanced Research and Lookup INterface - MERLIN; a streamlined, intuitive data accessibility platform for MISR Plume Height Project data.

MISR Toolkit The MISR Toolkit is a simplified programming interface to access MISR L1B2, L2, and MISR-HR, conventional and ancillary data products. It is an interface built upon HDF-EOS that knows about MISR data products.

Disciplines:   Aerosols Clouds Radiation Budget
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
MISR Level 3 Global Joint Aerosol monthly product V001
Aerosols Spatial Coverage:
(-90, 90), (-180, 180)
Longitude Resolution:
5 Degree
Latitude Resolution:
5 Degree
Horizontal Resolution Range:
500 km - < 1000 km or approximately 5 degrees - < 10 degrees
Temporal Coverage:
2000-03-01 - 2017-05-31
Temporal Resolution Range:
Monthly - < Annual
Temporal Resolution:
Collection Disciplines Spatial Temporal
MISR L1B3 Radiometric Camera-by-camera Cloud Mask Product subset for the RICO region V003
Clouds Spatial Coverage:
(-90, 90), (-180, 180)
Temporal Coverage:
2002-11-05 - 2004-11-26