Outreach Materials

Outreach Materials

Explore outreach materials and resources created by the ASDC and the NASA organizations that utilize and showcase ASDC data. Click around to find interesting ArcGIS StoryMap, videos, and images.

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Researcher Profile: Dr. Laura Iraci


Researcher Profile: Dr. Michael Behrenfeld


Credit: NASA/Dr. Michael Behrenfeld

Researcher Profile: Dr. Richard Moore

Dr. Richard Moore

Credit: NASA/Dr. Richard Moore

Sensing Our Earth from Above


Southern African Wildfires StoryMap

African wildfires screenshot.png

Studying the 2019-2020 Australian Bushfires Using NASA Data StoryMap


Sub-Orbital Order Tool (SOOT) Power User Interface (UI) StoryMap


Updated Website Showcases New Features and Ways to Use Atmospheric Data

ASDC Main Screen Screenshot.jpg

Viewing "The Dark Side of the Moon" with DSCOVR EPIC