ACTIVATE Data Webinar Materials

Sept. 19, 2022, 2:43 p.m.


Here you will find resources and material from ACTIVATE's Data Webinars and Workshops

July 2022

The Aerosol Cloud meTeorology Interactions oVer the western ATlantic Experiment (ACTIVATE) team is hosting a free open data workshop webinar series for anyone interested to learn how to use the airborne data and to promote dialogue about data analysis ideas and collaborative projects in the area of aerosol-cloud-meteorology interactions. Each webinar will have a focused theme with the first one geared towards training interested attendees to use a Google Colaboratory (i.e., Google Colab) environment for data visualization and to examine atmospheric properties derived from both in situ and remote sensing products.

Tools for Analyzing Datasets from ACTIVATE (TADA)
Create a Gmail Account
Setup EarthData Login
ACTIVATE Research Flight 29 Video
11 July 2021: Webinar activities (Slides 19-39) Presented to Philippines high schools and universities

October 2021

The ACTIVATE team hosted an open data workshop with over 70 participants over a two-day period from October 20-21, 2021. The purpose of this workshop was to introduce the ACTIVATE project to a larger, international, pool of atmospheric sciences and applications communities. The first day of the workshop covered how to access and utilize ACTIVATE data, a case study on ACTIVATE Research Flight 12 – a statistical survey flight, and ended with a discussion on using data. Day two began with the second case study on Research Flights 13 and 14 – both of which were process study flights – and ended with a continuation on the discussion from the previous day.

Meeting Agenda
Day 1 Video
Day 2 Video
ACTIVATE Research Flight 29 Video

Presenter Title Download Recording with Audio Download Slides (PDF)
Sorooshian Introduction to ACTIVATE Click Here Click Here
Ziemba Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment (LARGE) Instrumentation Click Here Click Here
Moore Langley Aerosol Research Group Experiment (LARGE) Cloud Instrumentation Click Here Click Here
Kirchner German Aerospace Center (DLR) Cloud Measurements Click Here Click Here
Crosbie Cloud Water Click Here Click Here
Diskin Diode Laser Hygrometer (DLH) and Trace Gas Click Here Click Here
Thornhill Turbulent Air Motion Measurement System (TAMMS) Click Here Click here
Robinson Dropsondes Click Here Click Here
Hostetler High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) - 2 Click Here Click Here
Cairns Research Scanning Polarimeter (RSP) Click Here Click Here
Corral Explaining Leg Indices Click Here Click Here
Delgado Co-Locating Measurements Click Here Click Here
Schlosser Intro to Data Visualization Click Here Click Here
Wang WRF Process Modeling Click Here Click Here
Liu/Zhang MERRA-2 Reanalysis & Trajectory Products Click Here Click Here
Tornow GISS Modeling - Understanding Cloud Transitions in Cold Air Outbreaks Click Here Click Here
Chellappan Cold Air Outbreaks in ERA5 and MERRA2 Click Here Click Here
Painemal NASA Langley Satellite Support Click Here Click Here